Day 1-3: Confessions of a hangry beast

I’m going to start this post with some of the things I’ve realized over the first 3 days of the Ultimate Reset:

  1. I would honestly slap someone for a cup of coffee.
  2. I should have read the recipes a week in advance so I could manage my prep time better.
  3. There is no shame in you-tubing how to cut a papaya.
  4. There may also be no shame in buying pre-cut fruit for Phase 2.
  5. Things will not always be perfect and that is ok.
  6. They weren’t lying when they said the first few days were the toughest.
  7. My coworkers have probably noticed my level of irritability.
  8. I miss all of the things – coffee, beer, wine, pizza, GUMMY BEARS!
  9. Did I mention I miss coffee?
  10. I have never in my life spent so much time washing dishes.

End rant.  I know all of that sounds pretty negative, but that’s where my body is right now – detoxing negativity and all of the shitty foods and drinks I have been putting into it.  The headaches and flu-like symptoms are real.  The fatigue is real.  The “f&*$ off” attitude for no reason… is real.  But I know that I am going to get over this part and soon, start to feel great both physically and mentally.  So let’s talk about what I’ve eaten and what supplements I have taken over the last 3 days.

And so it begins…

Day 1 – I am going to be completely honest with you; my Sunday Funday had an extra ounce of fun in it so I didn’t get out of bed until close to 11AM on Day 1 (I had a planned vacation day from work).  This is where the “it’s not going to be perfect” part comes in.  I skipped meal 1 and started my day off with 16 ounces of distilled water mixed with the mineralize supplement along with 2 optimize capsules.  30 minutes later I had Miso soup and a microgreen salad.  It wasn’t bad at all.  2 hours after that, I took a packet of power greens and let me just say, they are nasty.  There’s no way around it though, so I plugged and chugged.  That night, I was supposed to travel to Reno for work so I skipped the planned dinner, took my 2 optimize and 2 soothe capsules, and made what was on the “Reset in a Crunch” menu: black beans & rice and more Miso soup.  And then I didn’t even leave the state because my flight was cancelled.  Good times.

Day 2 – I woke up and started my day the same as Day 1 (and the same as I will throughout Phase 1) – 16 ounces of mineralize and distilled water and 2 capsules of optimize.  Breakfast was supposed to be tropical oatmeal but I didn’t know how to cut a papaya and I forgot to buy a mango, so it was plain oatmeal with shredded coconut and walnuts.  30 minutes before lunch, popped my 2 optimize with my mineralized drink and then had a Greek salad, homemade Greek vinaigrette, and a 1/2 of a sweet potato.  It was filling, but not satisfying, if that makes sense.  [My body wanted poke].  Did the power greens thing, did the 2 optimize and 2 soothe capsule thing, and then made a Southwestern veggie taco for dinner; but instead of using a tortilla (that I also forgot to buy) I used the rest of my sweet potato and made it more into a Southwestern taco bowl.

Day 3 – Enter sickness and irritability.  The menu called for fruit salad, but I needed something easier so I went to the “Reset in a Crunch” menu again and made oatmeal with fresh berries.  The struggle was real.  Supplements were taken right on time, 2 hours after breakfast and 30 minutes before lunch, and then I ate lentil-lime salad and a microgreen salad.  (Anyone who knows me, knows I hate salad, so this is fun).  Supplements were taken in between lunch and dinner and then… while feeling like hot garbage, I proceeded to make sushi rolls for the first time in my life.  Instead of fish, I got to put tempeh bacon inside of it along with carrots and cucumbers.  I also had a japanese cucumber salad that was supposed to be marinated for an hour before you ate it (read that small print way too late) and some more Miso soup!  Good thing I finally found that miso paste.

Overall verdict to date – the food is good-ish, the prepping is time consuming, and the withdrawals are crazy.  But, I will report that I am feeling less bloated and the scale says I lost a pound.  Stay tuned for more adventures of the Ultimate Reset.

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