Where the %$*! is the Miso Paste?!

I am two days out from starting the Ultimate Cleanse so I thought dedicating most of my Saturday to preparing would be a good idea.  I went to the chiropractor for my early morning adjustment and then headed straight to Sprouts with my shopping list and an eager attitude.  About 40 minutes in, I was about to lose my mind.

First of all, this shopping list is not your typical “I’m just going to run to the store real quick” type of situation.  But the 3 page list wasn’t what kicked my stress level into overtime – it was feeling like an alien among people who clearly shop for things like jicama all the time.  Here I am, trying to find a place to park my cart so I can read the novel that is my grocery list, and everyone else is flying by like they are being timed for the quickest shopper award.  I was not in my element.

And then I got to the item on the list that actually made me quit shopping, check out, and go home.  Do you ever feel like people know that you don’t know what the hell you’re doing?  You know, that paranoid feeling that other shoppers have literally counted how many times you have lapped the store?  Yep – that was me on the hunt for stupid miso paste.  After about 5,000 steps and feeling like I was going to scream, I tucked my tail between my legs and got out of there.

Which brings me to the section of this post where I tell you what I would have done differently to get my Phase 1 shopping done:

  • Research the items you have never tried or heard of so you know what part of the store they are in OR what store carries it at all.
  • Check for alternatives before you go [I spent 10 minutes alone just trying to find out what the equivalent to farina is].
  • Have a plan.  Know where you’re going to get your produce, where you’re going to get the weird, one-off stuff, and try to go on a weekday when the entire city isn’t also trying to shop for the week.
  • Utilize a delivery service.  Seriously.  [the link below gets you $10 off your first order].

I really did think it was going to be fun to put in the time and effort for something I plan on seriously sticking to for 21 straight days, but the truth is, I would have been happier had I just pulled up Whole Foods on InstaCart and paid the little bit extra… which I ended up doing because it turns out I missed 12 items anyway.  Ah well, at least I know what I’ll be doing for Phase 2.

Monday is the big day!  I’ll be posting photos of my meals and routine on my Instagram and on this blog so make sure you check in for progress and some laughs.

One thought on “Where the %$*! is the Miso Paste?!

  1. First time I’m reading your blog! Know what you mean about the random items. I’ve walked into Publix looking for things like fennel bulb, and I’m like WTF is fennel?! Luckily they have an app and tells you what aisle things are in and what it looks like. Helps so much. I did grocery delivery in Chicago. Also a huge time saver, so good call there.


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